Clean Energy, Simplified.

Get the energy savings and peace of mind you've been looking for in three easy steps with Hero Power's end-to-end solar solutions. We've got you covered!

Leading the world towards a clean energy future.

We are entering a New Utility revolution, on a mission to stop climate change before we reach an irreversible tipping point. To save the planet, world leaders look at 3 categories of tangible reduction: energy, land use, and transportation. We’re starting with energy: designing powerful software tools and a decentralized network of sellers and installers that has flipped the solar industry model on its head, fueling the rapid adoption of clean energy here in the United States.

Choose Energy Savings. Choose Hero Solar.

Our Difference

Here at Hero Construction, we do the searching for you! After having one of our professionals evaluate your home, we come up with the best solar solution for your home.

Simple and Easy Financing

Don’t let the initial investment scare you off. Hero Construction has simple and easy financing that can get you started on your solar journey. With zero down you can say goodbye to sending off your hard-earned money to the power company, and instead, invest it into something that will save you money and give value to your home for decades to come!

Hero Construction has one goal in mind

Saving you money. With our solar panel systems you can say goodbye to your power company and keep cash in your pocket!

Go Solar with Hero construction

There are so many reasons to go solar with Hero Construction. Hero Construction Group will help you
install and maintain clean beautiful solar panels on your roof and start enjoying the
benefits of going solar.


Take control of your power and your savings with Palmetto solar energy solutions. Quickly reduce costs, boost your environmental impact, and increase the value of your home. Our full-service approach makes it easy to get started and even easier to see results.

Palmetto Protect

Get the coverage you need for the confidence you want. With active system monitoring, dedicated customer support, exclusive discounts, and best-in-class maintenance services, your system can run at peak efficiency while your mind can rest at ease.


Don’t let a watt go to waste! Solar storage means the power you produce today can keep your lights on tomorrow, the next day, or well into the future. Save more and spend less with Palmetto Solar Storage.

Palmetto App

Connect to solar savings – anytime, anywhere. The Palmetto App puts power in the palm of your hand, so you can track performance, schedule maintenance, get real-time alerts, and access one-click support without making a call or missing a beat.

Three Steps to Solar Savings

Palmetto is Clean Energy, Simplified. Our three-step process is designed to get you up and running so you can plug into savings with less time and no hassle. Here’s how it works:

See how much you could save

Get a custom quote in less than 5 minutes with Palmetto’s solar savings estimator.

Let us make it happen

Together, we’ll define a solution to maximize your savings. Then, we’ll make it happen! From survey and design to permitting and installation—we manage the details so you don’t have to.

Tap into lifetime savings and support

With ongoing support, maintenance, and monitoring plus our optional Palmetto Protect program, you can count on risk-free savings with Palmetto.

Zero Money Down With enrollment in a Power Purchase Agreement that will not require any money upfront.

We Guarantee the labor for lifetime as long as your have the house., and 25 years of the panels.

Fixed Energy Bills. You will know what is your payment every month, and less or equal for what you pay now for your Energy Bill.

Your system come with cellular chips inside the equipment that monitor the system 24 hours a day.

100% Transferable guarantee if you sell the house.