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Understanding Energy Efficiency

1- The Technology

3 - Climate Requirements


Science Behind The Savings

  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Roofing
Low-E Glass
Low-E glass is brilliantly engineered to block most UV rays out so your home stays at a comfortable temperature each season.
Warm-Edge Spacer
Intercept™ warm-edge spacer insulates the exterior edges of a sealed unit and can tack on 5% savings on monthly energy costs.
Vinyl Framing
Vinyl window frames are constructed to deliver excellent thermal insulation while sealing out drafts and unwanted weather.
Innovative Weatherstripping
Airtight weatherstripping seals the sides, top and bottom frames of your door to prevent air infiltration.
Insulated Core
An insulated polyurethane core provides an additional thermal barrier for better insulation.
Sturdy Frames

Composite frames resist rotting, rusting and warping to withstand constant exposure to the elements.

Energy-Saving Door Lites

Decorative and ENERGY STAR-compliant door lites are an integral part in a door system’s seal and thermal performance.

Excellent Adhesive Power

Helps keep the shingle layers laminate

Outstanding Grip

The SureNail® strip enhances the already amazing grip of our proprietary Tru-Bond® sealant for exceptional wind resistance of a 130-MPH wind warranty††.

Breakthrough Design

Patented SureNail® Technology+ is the first and only reinforced nailing zone on the face of the shingle.

Triple Layer Protection

A unique “triple layer” of reinforcement occurs when the fabric overlays the two shingle layers, called the common bond area. This provides increased protection against “nail pull” from the wind.

Benefits of Energy Efficiency

In short, energy efficiency allows you to decrease the amount of energy you use—without sacrificing an amenity. Why switch to energy-efficient products:


Energy-Efficient Products

  • Energy-Efficient Windows
  • Energy-Efficient Insulation
  • Energy-Efficient Solar Hero
Like a two-way mirror, energy-efficient windows allow visible light to pass through to keep your home well-lit while reflecting long-wave infrared radiation to keep interior temperatures constant. Benefits include:
  • 48% reduction in solar heat transfer during the summer months
  • 104% increase in R-value of the glass in winter months
  • Protect your carpet, furniture and draperies from fading
  • The Intercept™ spacer system will extend the life of your windows

Its ability to seal tightly makes it a much better and more energyefficient solution than rolled batting. It is also moisture resistant, so it prevents mold, odor, and rot from creeping into your home.

  • The blown-in material locks in cooler indoor attic temperatures in summer and prevents heated and cooled air from leaking out.
  • Save up to 15% on the energy cost by filling the attic with fiberglass insulation.
  • it can last 80 to 100 years in most houses before it needs to be replaced.
alternative, blue, cell

Solar power works by harnessing the energy from the sun and turning it into usable electricity to power our daily lives. Every hour, enough sunlight reaches the earth’s surface to power our global energy demands for an entire year.

  • predictable and reduced monthly payments for the time of your loan or leasing of the solar panels.
  • Incentives given by the government to use renewable  energy.
  • Solar Panels avoid yearly energy increase which normally increases 5% from the utility company every year.
  • Installing solar panels in a home not only helps to reduce current monthly utility bills; it can potentially increase the home’s value by up to 4.1% more than comparable homes with no solar panels


Calculate Your Energy Savings

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Estimated Savings in 25 Years

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Interested in Becoming ENERGY STAR® Certified?

ENERGY STAR is a government-sanctioned symbol for energy efficiency, credibility, sustainability and cost-savings for the consumer. Hero Construction offers many ENERGY STAR® qualified glass packages. Explore the requirements to become ENERGY STAR-certified below and see what it looks like in your region of the country.

  • U-Value
  • R-Value
  • Your Climate

U-Factor measures the rate at which heat flows through an object. The lower your U-value, the less heat your windows allow through them.

  • Northern: ≤ .27
  • North-Central: ≤ .30
  • South-Central: ≤ .30
  • Southern: ≤ .40

R-Value determines how well the insulation inside your window performs. The higher your R-value, the better insulated your window is.

  • Northern: 13 – 21
  • North-Central: 13 – 21
  • South-Central: 13 – 21
  • Southern: 13 – 21

Hero Construction Group is located in ENERGY STAR’s Southern Climate category. To maintain certification here, our windows and doors must maintain a U-Value of ≤ .40 and an R-Factor from 13 to 21.


Energy Efficiency Terms You Need To Know

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Make Your Home Energy-Efficient

Making your home energy efficient is a smart investment into your home. The payoff is not only significant, but also tangible. You’ll reap the benefits in comfortability and cost, as energy-efficient products pay for themselves time and time again.

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